5 Easy Steps to Starting a Shoe Drive

5 Easy Steps to Starting a Shoe Drive

1: Choose the organization (or collection center, such as an athletic store) you want to partner with. Contact them prior to beginning your shoe drive for any instructions or requirements on making donations.
Refer to the list of shoe donation programs or search online for a specific organization of your choice.
Decide on a date for the event (or length of time you will be accepting donations).

2: Make the most of your shoe drive, TELL EVERYONE what you’re up to. Contact local newspapers, radio stations, businesses and organizations. Communication is key!
Most media outlets have public affairs departments whose sole task is to help get the word out for things like your shoe drive. Be creative!
Technology is your friend! Send E-mails, facebook or myspace messages, and tell people share the event with people they know.

3: Arrange for volunteers to help you box the shoes (if shipping them) and transport them – you could have hundreds of shoes on your hands!
Arrange a safe spot where you can store the collected shoes (and get them ready for shipping). Classroom. Church basement. Spare room.
Gather packing supplies. Strong boxes that aren't too big so they won't be too heavy when they're full. Strong tape. Lots of it.

4: COLLECT SHOES. Have a blast!

5: Sort the shoes. Look at each pair and decide if the pair would make a dignified gift, or if they are just too damaged and worn? For some it could be their only pair of shoes - make it count.
Box them up (prepare them with the shipping details), and deliver the shoes.

Congratulations on a job well done!