Introducing Eco-Logical Art


iNDIGO PROjECT on the radio!

Check out iNDIGO PROjECT on web radio w/ Leigh Kubin on Co-Creator Network.

Our first radio appearance. What an accomplishment. We have been very fortunate to have so much support in our global community. We hope everyone can listen in and learn more about who we are, what PLANET PROGRESS is all about, and our first event, CHALK4PEACE.



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Hello Art

Good day iNDIGO supporters! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for visiting our site and tuning in to what’s new in the community. For the next five segments we will explore and discover various elements of art and the process and direction it’s taking in our society. So, let’s flex our brain-muscles and empower ourselves to become artists.

Thanks again and click below to check out the video with Leyna introducing the New Children’s Museum, a place where you can Think. Play. Create.




Hello Art from iNDIGO PROjECT on Vimeo.


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Farewell to Farming

Farewell to Farming from iNDIGO PROjECT on Vimeo.

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