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Clean Air, ‘nuff said
Written by Leyna Roget

There’s no escaping it. Air pollution is everywhere. Our search for ‘Green’ and do-it-yourself hybrid technology to protect against insurmountable health risks has become all the rage across the nation.

Derek Zupancic, founder of HH2 Hydrolectric Power LLC, sympathizes with increasing physical and environmental health concerns and explains that his personal responsibility is to, “save the future for my grand kids and save the planet from all these toxins and poisons that are killing everybody.” Among the health affects on the human population, a significant absence of honey bees and butterflies extends the smog devastation beyond the city streets, and has ignited Derek’s mission for a cleaner running vehicle; leading to his first HH2 Hydrogen Clean Air System.

The system works by separating hydrogen and oxygen from water through an electrolysis device, generated by excess power from the vehicle. This hydrogen catalyst then passes into the air intake chamber combining with the petroleum fuel source, increasing fuel combustion from 30% to 90%. The result is a joyous decrease in exhaust emissions free of harmful carbon carcinogens.

Although, Los Angeles has been ranked near the top of The American Lung Association’s most-polluted cities lists, it has seen continued improvements in air quality, dropping its year-round particulate pollution levels by nearly one-third during the last decade. No time is better then now to explore methods of reducing CO2 emissions. Hydrolectric Power’s Clean Air system was granted a CARB (California Air Resources Board) Executive Order D-643 permitting installation on all vehicles in California.

Current legislation has brought the issue of risky car pollutants to the table. If the E.P.A. approves a recent waiver to require that automakers cut emissions by nearly a third by 2016, more than a dozen other states would also be affected, which complicates matters for automakers who are required to certify all their light-duty vehicles to meet standards in all 50 states. Hydrolectric Power provides a product that can currently reach this goal. Log on to to learn more about reducing your vehicle’s emissions.


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