A Simple Plan


A Simple Plan by

Saray Deiseil

In an industry that has been known to leave behind a heavy carbon footprint, PLANET PROGRESS set out to find the "perfect shoe company"—an organization that produces hip and durable footwear, utilizes environmentally safe manufacturing, and yields the smallest possible ecological footprint. Of course, there is no perfect shoe company, but our research did uncover a company that is a major influence in the shoe industry: Simple Shoes.

Simple Shoes is an American footwear brand in Santa Barbara, California, founded in 1991 by Eric Meyers. Simple Shoes, also known as "the nice little shoe company", aspired to create long lasting, sustainable, biodegradable shoes. This objective led to the 2003 release of its Green Toe Collection. The cutting-edge shoe line offers footwear, comprised of all natural sustainable materials that are sturdy, yet easy to take apart once it has outlived its use. The principles are also applied to the shoe packaging. The shoebox is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks. No plastic and no excess paper stuffed inside the shoes, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Materials used in Simple Shoes:


For all their achievements in sustainable practices, Simple Shoes has been awarded the first ever Footwear Plus Green Award. (

Bottom line is that each of us vote with our dollar, therefore, as consumers we have the choice to consciously support businesses that we decide are good for us, and for the planet. Remember that the dollar or plastic in your hand is your vote that will affect your body and the environment you live in.

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