Nicholas Stich & Tyler Anderson

In 1894, Hildebrand & Wolfmüller became the world’s first commercially available step-through motorbike, which is now more commonly known as a Scooter. This bike, resembling a do-it-yourself weed-whacker powered bike conversion, ran on a 2-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled engine and cruised dirt roads at a steady 25mph. Unfortunately, due to steep prices and no clutch the bike had no success.

Times have changed and Scooters are now in high demand with their new and improved performance, style and economical appeal. In Los Angeles, Skeuter, founded by Zane Tatum lends its services to the ever-emerging scooter community and specializes in the sale of electric scooters, professional scooter repair and customization. “I figured L.A. was ready for a few scooters,” Zane Tatum said, “and that’s what it’s been, we sold a few here… a few at a time, but it’s growing. I just thought it would be a positive step forward.”

Sasha Tutunik, the mechanical brain behind Skeuter’s repair and customizations takes pride in his work, “Even things that no one sees I’m very passionate about… Everything needs to work just right,” Sasha described. Like Zane, Sasha believes in the progressing scooter movement, with special interest and enthusiasm in the future of EV’s (electric vehicles).

Skeuter currently sells an electric scooter, The Condor, with a top speed of 45mph a range of 80-100miles and patented Lithium-Ion battery technology. The Condor is commercially available with a low price tag of $2,000 and a permanent-smile guarantee.

Without Skeuter’s existence, urban scooter enthusiast would be broke down all over southern California, people would wonder what happened to their Ukrainian scooter whiz and the progressive EV activist. A majority of riders rely on Zane and Sasha for their professional expertise and knowledge to keep operating safely and smoothly down the road of cleaner, more efficient transportation.

According to Sasha, electric scooters are the answer for local travel. Only a few scooter shops sell electric scooters, so it’s up to you as a conscious consumer to demand clean transportation.


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